Welcome to Rachael Winfree’s Lab

Research in the Winfree lab focuses on biodiversity and its relationship to ecosystem services, interaction networks, and conservation. In our work we seek to bridge the gap between the smaller scales that the science of ecology understands well, and the noisy reality of the larger scales at which biodiversity conservation takes place. We begin with the theoretical grounding, data quality, and analytical tools of community ecology, and use these to develop rigorous new approaches to understanding the ecology of real world landscapes. Individual lab members work in a variety of systems worldwide, but all of us use pollinators and/or pollination as a model system. We put the results of our research into practice through collaboration with NGOs and government agencies doing on-the-ground pollinator conservation.


Winfree Lab January 2018


Back row: Michael Roswell, PhD student; Tina Harrison, postdoc; James Reilly, postdoc.
Front row: Colleen Smith, PhD student; Rachael Winfree, PI; Mark Genung, postdoc
Not pictured: Bethanne Bruninga-Socolar, PhD student; Lucia Weinman, PhD student