Welcome to Rachael Winfree’s Lab

Members of the Winfree lab work to understand the ecology of pollinators and the pollination function they provide in the context of global change. Our field data are collected at large spatial and temporal scales, and used with a variety of analytical approaches to test and extend ecological theory, and to guide ecosystem management. A current research focus is using pollinators and pollination as a model system for testing ideas about the relationships among global environmental change, biodiversity, and ecosystem function. Other research projects range from the community ecology of plant-pollinator networks to testing the effectiveness of alternative strategies for pollinator restoration. We put the results of our research into practice through collaboration with NGOs and government agencies doing on-the-ground pollinator conservation.



Winfree Lab Fall 2015, left to right below: Top row: Rachael Winfree (PI), Joe Zientek (undergraduate), Tina Harrison (Ph.D student), Michael Roswell (Ph.D student), Mark Genung (postdoc). Bottom row: Colleen Smith (Ph.D student), Rosy Tucker (undergraduate), Elena Suglia (technician). Not pictured: Bethanne Bruninga-Socolar (Ph.D student), Isa Martinez (visiting scientist), James Reilly (postdoc)


Department of Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resources
Rutgers University
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