The Winfree Lab has many research technician positions available for 2018. Apply now!

Rachael is on the 2017 list of highly cited researchers which sorts authors according to how many of their papers were in the top 1% for citations during the past decade.

Tina Harrison leaves for a postdoc position in Neal Williams’ lab at UC Davis, January 2018. We’ll miss you Tina!

Finishing Ph.D student Bethanne Albert-Bruninga accepts a postdoc position at University of Minnesota, January 2018.

A lab paper led by Rachael is accepted at Science. Watch for it spring 2018.

Postdoc Tina Harrison has papers accepted in Global Change Biology and Landscape Ecology, Oct/Nov 2017.

Rachael participates in a great workshop on temporal networks in Freiburg, Germany, led by Diego Vasquez and Tiffany Knight.


Winfree lab traveled to Portland, OR for the Ecological Society of America meeting this August!  Rachael, postdocs Mark Genung and Tina Harrison, Ph.D students Bethanne Bruninga-Socolar, Colleeen Smith, and Michael Roswell, and lab alum Dan Cariveau all presented talks.

Long-term research tech Erin Lowe heads to Claudio Gratton’s lab at University of Wisconsin for grad school, August 2017.

Rachael was promoted to full professor, July 2017.


Scott Black (in black, left), Executive Director of the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation, visits the lab to talk about a vision for pollinator conservation in the northeastern USA, 13 July 2017.

Alex Matthews joined the lab on 30 May 2017 as an undergraduate researcher funded by an NSF REU. Alex will research the per-visit pollination efficiency of wild bee species across multiple native plants.

Rachael gives the Christine Mueller seminar on 18 May 2017 in the Department of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies at University of Zurich

Congratulations to lab undergraduate researcher Rosy Tucker, who won the Buell Award for the top graduating senior in Ecology, and gave an outstanding presentation on her senior honors thesis in May 2017.

We’ve been lucky to have a really exciting series of visitors to the lab lately!  Elizabeth Crone (December 2016), Jeremy Fox (March 2017) , Tad Fukami (April 2017), Neal Williams (May 2017)

Lab undergrad Rosy Tucker’s presented at the International Association of Landscape Ecology Meeting in Baltimore on 12 April 2017.

Lab postdoc Mark Genung’s paper using the Price equation to analyze the temporal variance of pollination services accepted at Ecology.

The lab’s NSF REU supplement proposal was funded!

Still not sure exactly what this list signifies, but the lab is on it again

Postdocs Mark Genung and James Reilly will present at the International Congress of Entomology in Orlando, 25-30 September 2016.


Congratulations Dr. Tina Harrison, 12 September 2016!

PhD student Bethanne presents a poster on the role of floral density in determining bee foraging behavior at the ESA meeting in Ft Lauderdale August 8-12 2016, and visiting PhD student Jamie Stavert, who left his native New Zealand to spend two weeks with us,  gives a talk on how functional diversity within pollinators affects their responses to land use intensification.

Rachael gave a keynote address  ‘What can pollinators tell us about biodiversity and ecosystem services in real-world landscapes?’  at the third international conference on pollinator biology, health and policy at Penn State University on 19 July 2016.

MS graduate Sean Griffin and PhD student Bethanne Bruninga-Socolar’s paper on native bee communities in restored prairies will be published in Restoration Ecology!

PhD graduate Molly MacLeod and postdoc Mark Genung’s paper on ‘rewiring’ in plant-pollinator networks will be published in Ecology!

Congratulations to lab undergraduate researchers who were senior graduation award winners from the Department of Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resources! Joe Zientek received the Roger Locandro Award in Natural Resources, and Tiffany Bennett received the E B Moore Foresty Award, May 2016.

PhD student Tina Harrison and undergraduate researcher Rosy Tucker give a talk on their rare bee research at the US Regional Meeting of the International Association for Landscape Ecology in Asheville, NC in April, 2016.

Lab has a new NSF grant funded !! NSF DEB Population & Community Ecology, Collaborative Research: The role of species dominance in mediating biodiversity-ecosystem function relationships across spatial scales. R Winfree (PI) with N M Williams (Co-PI). 2016-2019

Kleijn, Winfree 2015 paper in Nature Communications was featured in the British Ecological Society annual ‘12 Months in Ecology‘ lecture on highlights of the year.

Rachael becomes an Associate Editor of Global Ecology and Biogeograghy, starting June 2016.

Rachael joins the Board of Directors for the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation, December 2015.

Rachael makes the Thomson Reuters list of highly cited researchers for the period 2003-2013, as of December 2015 ( Not entirely sure what this means, but maybe it means something?

Another research highlight in Nature – this one for a PNAS paper on pollination by flies and other non-bee insects, led by two former Winfree lab postdocs, Romina Rader and Nacho Bartomeus. Former graduate student Sean Griffin and Rachael are co-authors.


Lab postdoc Mark Genung and graduate students Tina Harrison and Michael Roswell presented at ESA in Baltimore, August 2015.

New Nature Communications paper featured in The Washington Post, The Guardian, LA Times, The Independent, Wired, Quartz, Conservation Magazine and Science Daily.

Congratulations to Dr. Faye Benjamin and Dr. Molly MacLeod, May-June 2015!

New Ecology Letters paper from Winfree et al. highlighted in Nature!

Congratulations to postdoc Dan Cariveau who will be starting an Assistant Professor position in the Department of Entomology at the University of Minnesota on August 31 2105!

Research by undergraduate students Rosy Tucker and Kurtis Himmler featured in the Rutgers student newspaper.

Mark Genung presented at the joint BES-SFE Meeting in Lille, France, and at Doñana Research station in Seville, Spain, December 2014. (Below) Mark and postdoc emeritus Nacho Bartomeus talking science in front of the 1920s Iberoamerican exposition building.

Nacho Mark Seville

Carl Zimmer’s 25 November 2014 New York Times article discusses Nacho Bartomeus’s PNAS paper.

Dan Cariveau and Tina Harrison presented at the Entomological Society of America meeting in Portland, November 2014.

Seven Winfree lab members plus postdoc emeritus Nacho Bartomeus head to Sacramento to present at ESA, August 2014. ESA highlights our talk on bee tongue length allometry. See other Winfree lab talks from ESA 2014 here.

Postdoc Dan Cariveau advises New Jersey State Legislature committee on native pollinator bills, June 2014.

Congratulations to Ph.D student Molly MacLeod for being awarded an EPA STAR Fellowship, May 2014, and to incoming Ph.D student Michael Roswell for being awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, April 2014!